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Always Watching

Always Watching - Chevy Stevens What can I say about this book? HMMMMMM, I enjoyed her book [b:Still Missing|7159515|Still Missing|Chevy Stevens|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1260468195s/7159515.jpg|7383770] and thought that it was very well done. This one seemed to missing something.

This is the story of a woman that lived in a commune with her mother and brother for a period of 8 months while she was a child (pre-teenish). She doesn't remember a large part of her time in the commune, but she does know that bad stuff happened. Throughout the book she will regain snippets of memory that are being triggered by different events and experiences.

The premise of the story was good and it could have been an "edge of your seat" thriller, however, this one kind of left me with an 'oh well, it was alright'. None of the characters were developed. Just when you think that you are going to get to the meat of the matter we are left to wonder and move on to something/someone else.

This book was an easy and quick read and I would recommend it if you are sitting on the beach with nothing to do for a couple of days.

Many things to Netgalley and St Martins Press for this advanced readers copy. The expected publish date is June 18, 2013.