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The Last Runaway

The Last Runaway - Tracy Chevalier This is the story of a young English Quaker Woman's journey to America during the time period that Southern Slaves were running away and people were trying to help them.

Here is what I really enjoyed about liked about this book; Honor (our young Quaker) sends detailed letters of what life is like in America. There was so much depth and detail in those writings and I will tell you that those letters kept me going.

Here is what I didn't care for about this book; it is advertised as being a book about the underground railroad and, unfortunately, that simply is not true. I feel a bit duped by the synopsis. I also felt that Honor would not have done many of the things that she did based on what we know about her. Some of Honor's action just did not seem to fit the time period or her background.

Many thanks to net galley and Dutton Publishing for the opportunity to read this ARC.