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The Keeper of Lost Causes

The Keeper of Lost Causes - Jussi Adler-Olsen,  Lisa Hartford This was a little better than OK. This is the story of a Homicide Detective that survived being shot on the job. Two of his colleagues that were with him did not fare too well and Carl blames himself.

When Carl comes back to the job he is surprised to learn that he is given a 'promotion'. He is going to head Department Q. Department Q will take cold cases and try to solve them. Department Q is a department of 1.

It all sounds intriging, right? You would think. Did I mention that the story is based in Denmark? Some of the references to the country and some of the slang/translation was lost on me. What did take away from the story was the uneven pace. The story would move from Carl our Homicide Detective and Merete, a victim of one of the cold cases he is trying to solve. I will confess that I skimmed through a lot of Carl's chapters. He was unlikeable, whiney, rude etc...He was really easy to dislike. I feel that my thoughts about this book are a bit disjointed and scattered, but that is how I felt this story was during the last third or so of the book.

I thought that the ending was predictable and took way too many pages to get to it.