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The Snow Child: A Novel

The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey It is very rare that I will give a book a 5 star rating, however, this one is a definite stand out.

The story is based on a Russian fairy tale. It begins with a 1930's couple that have moved from Phillidelphia to the Alaskan Frontier. The story tells of their struggle with the land, the cold and the isolation. The cast of characters in this novel were all so likeable and well written that I just could not get enough of them.

Our couple, Jack and Mabel are childless. One evening they create a snowman/snowchild outside their cabin. The next day the snowchild is gone and a mysterious girl child begins to appear in and around them. Is she real, is she a fairy tale? She comes and goes over the years and when she is gone, you never know if she is going to come back to their lives.

It is a wonderful novel that will take you on a wonderful journey that you are never sure if it is real or not.